EuroCoord is a Network of Excellence established by several of the biggest HIV cohorts and collaborations within Europe. This large, integrated network exploits the scientific strengths of each collaboration to ensure that the best, most competitive HIV research is performed. The main advantage of this collaborative method of working is the formation of a common virtual database, which currently has access to data from over 300,000 HIV positive people from many different settings in Europe and beyond.
EuroCoord is made up of 23 beneficiaries from 16 countries to ensure representativeness across Europe. The nature of the collaboration means that apart from these partners, there is also an associated network of numerous affiliated sites – more than 100 collaborating centres, or third parties. EuroCoord is funded for a period of five years up to a maximum of €12 million. More information about the aims of EuroCoord.
EuroCoord would like to keep an updated registry of all cohorts or clinical databases of people with HIV in Europe. If you know of a cohort or clinical database apart from those listed here then please submit the details here. EuroCoord will verify these details with the cohort/database investigators and add to the registry.

Forum for Collaborative HIV Research:

The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research has a database of HIV Cohorts Descriptions. This database serves as an information source for researchers and agencies interested in building cohort collaborations, needing to find information available through specific cohorts, etc. We encourage all participants of the International Workshop on HIV Observational Databases to make use of this opportunity to disseminate the information about their cohort widely. Please use our standard cohort description format which was developed with input from the Scientific Steering Committee of the IWHOD and send this to the Workshop secretariat as well as to the Forum ( We will post (or update) all cohort descriptions we receive

HIV Cohorts Data Exchange Protocol (HICDEP):
Several successful collaborations have been initiated at previous IWHODs. For participating cohorts it therefore soon became desirable to agree upon a standard for data-exchange. As a consequence, the HICDEP was drafted and presented/discussed at the workshops from 2003 (Fiuggi) and 2004 (Montreux) - and published in Antiviral Therapy 2004 9:631-633.

To learn more about the currently released version 1.80 and the draft version 1.90 of HICDEP please visit the wiki on