IWHOD 2024
The 26th Workshop will be held from 21st to 23rd March 2024 in Vilamoura, Portugal
We look forward to you joining us!
The International Workshop on HIV and Hepatitis Observational Databases (IWHOD) brings senior and junior HIV and hepatitis observational database researchers together to advance the methodology and analysis of observational data. No other workshop or conference devotes attention to the methodology of setting up and analyzing observational data, despite their importance in providing critical information on population outcome in real world settings outside the controlled setting of randomized trials. We are once again aiming to include attendees representing cohort studies from all regions. As in the past, we encourage discussion of work in progress, so all data presented will not be publicised outside of the Workshop.
Congratulations to the IWHOD 2023 YIA winners!:
  • Tinei Shamu “eGFR change after transitioning to DTG-based ART at Newlands Clinic in Zimbabwe: a longitudinal study”
  • Sarah Voter “Semiparametric regression with variable selection for assessing genotype-phenotype discordance in HIV drug resistance”
  • Tom Loosli “Predicting Dolutegravir resistance levels in Southern Africa – the DTG MARISA model”

If you have been accepted as an IWHOD participant, please use the secure payment link included in your invitation. Be sure to insert the name of the IWHOD delegate in the Reference name field. A payment confirmation will be sent once the payment is made.