Abstract Submission


  • Call for abstracts invitation: TBA
  • Abstract submission opens: TBA
  • Abstract submission deadline: TBA
  • Abstract selection and final programme by Scientific Committee: TBA
  • Abstract status TBA

The maximum number of abstracts each cohort or cohort collaboration can submit is SIX. At most FOUR abstracts per cohort will be accepted (resulting in a maximum of FOUR persons per cohort). Purely methodological abstracts (which might use example data from a cohort) do not count as one of the six submissions for that cohort. At most TWO methodological abstracts can be submitted by one person.

Abstracts presented at a previous conference are ineligible for submission to the IWHOD Workshop. Any abstract accepted FOR CROI as a Late Breaker must be withdrawn from IWHOD. Please make sure to let the secretariat (secretariat@iwhod.org) know of any abstract accepted by CROI as soon as notified.

Early-Career Investigator Award (EIA) Eligibility
The applicant must be the designated presenter of the submitted abstract. The award is limited to supporting early-career investigators with less than 10 years research experience who meet any of the following criteria:
• An undergraduate or postgraduate student, or
• Within 5 years of completing a postgraduate degree, or
• Within 5 years of completing a clinical or research fellowship.

Scholarship Applicant Eligibility
The applicant must reside in and present data from a low or middle income country according to the World Bank criteria.

Please contact secretariat@iwhod.org if you have further queries


  • Your abstract must be submitted via the web-link you will find on the top of this page once abstract submission is open. First, you will be asked to register with the system and create a user name and a password which you will need to log on the online submission page. Please then carefully follow the instruction on that page.
    1. Your abstract body must fit into the space provided on the abstract submission form and must not exceed 500 words (including tables and figures).
    2. A maximum of one display item (figure, graphic or table) is allowed - these must be accompanied by a TITLE. The display item must be LEGIBLE on the form. Colour images are permitted.
    3. Please follow the general outline Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion where applicable.

  • Please note that the abstract submission system will support a maximum of 15 authors for one abstract.


Authors will be asked to enter their cohort profile upon submission of their abstract:

  • If your cohort is submitting multiple abstracts, please agree the cohort description with your colleagues before completing the cohort profile section on the online submission page ensuring that you enter one identical cohort description for all abstracts submitted on behalf of the same cohort. The information requested from the cohorts is as follows: the full cohort name, cohort acronym, principal investigator, contact details, brief cohort description (max 100 words), link to study website.
  • When submitting purely methodological abstracts, you may select “methodology” in the appropriate field on the online submission page and enter N/A in the cohort description fields so you are able to complete your submission.

Please contact the secretariat@iwhod.org if you have any further queries.